We ensure 3D assets production, based on the client’s concept or on a concept created in-house. 3Dwalker can manage the entire pipeline of 3D asset creation for games, TV series, full length cartoons, game environments or CGI integration in movies or digital cinema. We can provide low-poly assets for the game industry, medium-poly assets for TV and high-poly assets for the movie industry.

The 3Dwalker pipeline consists of:


Modeling is the first digital production process. The artists in our team can create a large variety of models, from 3D logos up to complex setups, humanoid characters, animals, plants, environments, buildings, different objects, vehicles, ornaments and sculptures, architecture, interior design, landscapes, planets and asteroids.


Our models can be delivered in three quality options: low-, medium- and high-poly. We can as well create 3D sculpture details. We try as much as possible to obtain optimized models.


UV MAPPING This is a delicate process, yet necessary for obtaining accurate texture projections in the render process. It is a meticulous work we cannot do without.


Using standard Maya shaders, our artists create multilayer shaders, the basic ones being: Diffuse/Color Map, Normal Map, Specular, Bump Map, Displacement Map.


With digital painting and UV mapping we can obtain different resolution and quality textures, depending on the project - low/medium/high-poly.


Digital puppets, rig-setup systems with joints; body setup and facial setup, facial blend with emotional expressivity.

Our setups contain easy handlers for professional animators using digital characters. We can also create custom rig-setups with stretching possibilities and other functions specified by the client.


When creating props (weapons, rockets, devices, vehicles) or environments (plants, buildings), we use handlers and MEL scripts depending on the case, in order to automate or ease the animators’ work.

Our animations are created by our own artists in the studio or collaborators/ freelancers, many of them having more than 5 years experience in animation, including classic animation and puppet shows. We can create smooth animations, starting from a filmed reference or storyboard/ script. Our productions can be refined depending on the project deadlines, as details take time in professional animations. We can generate some 20-30 animation seconds per day with one animator. For game animations, e.g. cycle animation, we can provide an average of 100 seconds per day per animator.


In many cases, procedural animation is welcome to help professionals in obtaining smooth animations for objects or particular rig-setups.

For lip-sync (movement of the lips when speaking) we have a dedicated animator, who can create true lip-sync in several languages (English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French), using preset phonemes and facial blend with many expressions.

Some of us are experienced in TV and motion graphics for event visuals. Using the most well-known packages dedicated to this segment, such as Flash, After Effects and Motion, we can create different backgrounds for TV package, self promos, TV packs for shows, including video editing and subtitling for corporate events or broadcast.

For event organizers, we can create SD/HD visuals adapted to several visual platforms: 2D, 3D, holographic, anaglyphic or S3D.

Compositing plays an important and final role in any video pipeline, as this is where all production elements come together: shooting, digital plates, matte paints, 3D render, tracking data. Compositing generates the final material, which is then delivered to the client. We generally use HD and 2K formats, but we can adapt to higher resolutions depending on the case, given the Shake nodal compositing and flow scripts which allow large file manipulation.



Flanco 3D Projection Mapping from Minus5 Architects on Vimeo.

Render is the most challenging process for any 3D studio. 3Dwalker uses Xserver as render farm. The renders are multi-layer and multi-pass, in order to facilitate manipulation and tuning in compose. The render resolutions are HD720p, HD1080p, 2K or RED, if the case.

CGI or Computer Graphic Integration allows the integration of 3D render assets in compose, as well as of characters, environments or vehicles in the shooting. The application even allows the integration of a real character from a chroma shooting in a 3D environment. The Shake compose environment offers three of the most powerful standard instruments in the cinema industry for chroma-keying. Additionally, we can ensure shooting support in professional chroma studios in Romania.

We often have audio components in our output, especially when delivering final broadcast formats. The executive audio production is ensured by 3Dwalker in partnership with studios in Bucharest such as Twisted Production Ltd., hybrid analogic/digital studio production studio. 3Dwalker offers high quality sound design, multi-channel or surround. Our over 20 year experience in sound synthesis and electronic music paves our way to the professional sound design zone, which includes games, movies, TV, main-stream music or advertising music.

We can also provide basic audio production for sound channel integration in the video production before delivering, as well as produce, edit and record sound effects or extra voices, which will synchronize with the final video output.

Sound enhances the already extensive support for multichannel sound synthesis and processing in its award-winning Kyma™ sound design environment. Using a compact graphical representation, sound designers can quickly and easily create multichannel music and special effects with independent processing on each channel.

We are proud to benefit from the support of highly quoted audio branding agencies such as: cherry-music.ro and breakfast.ro, through our fruitful collaboration with Florin Rusu.

Starting from the client’s brief, we can deliver the pre-production: script, storyboard, pre-visualization and concept design.

In particular cases, for CGI-Integration and/or compose, we can deliver executive production and preproduction, if the case. Together with our partners and collaborators, we can produce digital video-shooting in HD/2K formats or other standard movie digital formats. We have a shooting background in different contexts: TV shows, documenting, short movies, video-art, visuals, corporate video, music videos and advertising video. We can as well offer shooting support in professional chroma studios in Romania.